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CBD Dermaquest joins the original Dermaquest collections. a globally award-winning skin care brand since 1999 and world leader in Plant Stem Cell Technology in undeniable excellence in results driven skin care.

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why choose CBD Dermaquest

CBD Dermaquest joins the original Dermaquest collections; a globally award-winning skincare brand since 1999 and world leader in Plant Stem Cell Technology in undeniable excellence in results-driven skincare. CBD Dermaquest is coming from many years of combined expertise, experience and success.

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trusted suppliers

a trusted supplier is vetted to achieve consistent and transparent raw material for every batch. our CBD is encapsulated in a hydroxysome (patented) delivery system which helps stabilize CBD and ensure safe and highly effective delivery of actives into the skin.

CBD Dermaquest benefits

the formulation, manufacture and distribution of CBD Dermaquest take place in allure labs, an fda-registered custom contract manufacturer, located in northern california.

the 65,000 square feet, state of the art facility is fitted with the latest equipment and machinery to maximize production standards and enable advanced manufacturing methodologies, ensuring that allure is always a step ahead when it comes to the latest innovations in skincare to deliver unparalleled results.

as lead chemist and ceo, Sam Dhatt directs allure from a place of knowledge and understanding of the multifaceted world of skincare with over 30 years’ experience. Sam has formulated and created skincare products for over 700 brands and was among the first to use peptides and plant stem cells in skincare and earned the nickname “the peptide and stem cell man” believing that only quality actives create quality skincare.

CBD faq’s

CBD is cannabidiol. this is the non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant which has significant benefits.

CBD is rich in therapeutic and synergistic effects within the skin. CBD acts as an ingredient booster. this natural herbal remedy is safe for all skin types.

THC is the primary psychoactive component in the marijuana plant.

no. we are using a non-habit forming and non-psychoactive, THC-free CBD isolate.

industrial hemp includes all varieties of the cannabis species that contain negligible amounts of THC, the chemical component in marijuana that produces a high. hemp refers to the non-drug variant that is cultivated for its fiber, hurd and seeds.

hemp seed oil is obtained when the seeds of the cannabis plant are pressed and does not contain CBD or THC.


The hemp that Dermaquest uses is sourced from farms and extraction facilities throughout the u.s – in nevada, colorado, oregon and kentucky.

It’s important to understand that Dermaquest’s CBD is derived from hemp and is THC-free. This is an important distinction. Making it non-psychoactive and safe for all ages; all of our ingredients are specifically chosen to bring a unique benefit to the formulations and together they are proven effective

CBD, by nature is bio-available. however, to be able to accurately assess the bioavailability of CBD in each product, each product would need to be tested and evaluated through clinical trials

yes, by a licensed california based lab. 3rd party testing is an important part of our process to ensure transparency and legitimacy of our label claims

yes, they can be added to moisturizers used on the face and body; tinctures can be applied topically and sublingually

we love hearing from you!

Dermaquest Inc

30911 wiegman road,
hayward, california, 94544

telephone: +1 800 213 8100

email: info@dermaquestinc.com

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